Little Moments

What can you draw in 5 minutes….

Five minutes can have numerous, little moments. In my mind I’m drawing an image. This image is everthing around me that I see. All the little sounds, colors and movements create this picture. Take a look at my five minutes.

Small spaces can share so much life. Occasionally I rock the chair I sit in to keep the baby asleep. He lays across my lap with his head resting on the crease of my arm. The fridge humming sound awakens my ears, as does the two flies on the window behind me. The sun shinning in from the five windows that surrounds me lights up my white walls. All window curtains pushed back as far as possible to one side to keep the room lit. The bedspread lays slightly cricked as if one side of the bed has more of the comforter than the other. The stool I rest my feet on keeps them from falling asleep and acts as a method for me to push off on to rock my chair. Baby head turns indicating he is starting to stir and wants to breastfeed. My phone beeps waking him up all the way. I shift accordingly to get baby comfortable and then I go back to typing. How is it that all of these things are part of my five minutes, perhaps its due to the fact I live in a tiny home so sounds and light travel closely together.

We all have five minutes that look oh so differently from one another. You just saw my five minutes. What is yours like?

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