Tricky Allergies

I hope you don’t have a food allergy. If you do, how did you find out you had one or what was causing your symptoms? I’m trying to pin point my son’s food allergy and it is so tricky! The process is DETAILED work.

I thought my son had eczema. Googling my son’s rash was what I did, like all mom’s do. The eczema comes with the allergy I found out. Great so we know something isn’t being tolerated by his body. I’m thinking to myself okay I can figure this out. No need for a food diary.

Yes, a food diary is needed because obviously my pregnancy brain is still present and I can’t remember what I ate from the previous day. I download a food diary app (Bitesnap). This app is great for tracking what you ate and your calorie intake. When your a new mom with a forgetful brain this food diary app comes in handy.

Eliminating various foods is the next step. Not one kind of food but several kinds of food must be eliminated from your diet to start zoning in on what causes the allergy symptoms. My son is experiencing a rash and throwing up. Now I’m no doctor but I think if I start with a bland diet then slowly add new foods one by one I might be able to tell which one is the culprit. Do you see how eliminating food is detailed work?

Oh pictures are important too! Rashes change and if you have this symptom, it helps to snap a photo. My son’s rash has changed three different times. Make sure you document with a few photos over a course of a few days.

Pin pointing a food allergy is tricky, get a doctor’s help. For me, this is the best way I know how to go about finding what food allergy my son has. Do you find food allergies tricky?

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