5 ways to De-Stress

#1 Breathe

#2 Breathe Again

#3 Find something sugary to drink or a snack to munch on because more than likely your blood sugar isn’t ideal. It’s easy for us to push aside eating or drinking water when we most need it. Make sure you find something to fuel your body so you can think clearly again.

#4 Ask for help. It’s okay to get help from a friend or loved one. Perhaps your spiritual and if in that case you prefer a higher power to assist you. Help, just ask for it okay?

#5 Smile, because we all know smiling is key to happiness. If you get in the habit of smiling, you will automatically be smiling more and smiling creates a wave for others to smile. We feel good as humans when someone smiles at us, so why not start there and just smile.

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