No, I don’t want to vent or be rude myself but I feel as tho society has lost it’s ability to have courtesy towards one another. Too often I’m surprised by how little or none courtesy we show each other in our day to day lives. I want to merely bring kindness back.

My case example is that with in a months time I have been run in to at stores by people who are in so much of a hurry they don’t even stop to apologise. Three times, three times and not one I’m sorry or excuse me. The sad part was my son (being 4 months) was with me for all of these events. The first time was at a grocery store, I was helping my husband load my son’s car seat into the cart. The lady behind me was trying to get a cart that was next to me and ended up hitting me with her cart. She just looked at me in the face as tho she was saying (are you going to move) in her head. I stepped aside so she could pull her cart through the crowded opening at the store. The second time also happened at a supermarket. I was standing in line at the checkout when a family came up behind me and hite me from behind with their BBQ grill they were purchasing. This time my son was strapped to me in his pack. I turned around and said oops and the dad of the family just yelled at his daughter “watch what you are doing.” No sorry or excuse us. The third time I was in a hospital waiting room with my son who was in his car seat at my feet. A man walked by kicking my car seat and turning it slightly. I know it was not on purpose but a little care would of been nice to see. I’m not saying all of this to complain, I’m simply making a statement that we lost the act of courtesy.

I want courtesy, kindness and respect to come back into play with our society. I pledge to do my part, I hope others will too!


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